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How frustrating it can be to turn your key in the lock only to find that it has broken off! There are several reasons why your home, office or car key can break in the lock.

  • Damaged lock – When a lock is not functioning well and is damaged internally, it can harm the key as well.
  • Old and worn out key – A key that has been excessively used can break off suddenly without warning.
  • Cheap quality keys – Keys that are crafted of cheap quality materials hardly last a month or two and break off.
  • Unfinished keys – A key needs to be well cut to function well. An improperly cut key is not likely to offer the best service.

No matter what the cause for the key to break off, you will require a broken key extraction service at the earliest. It is only a professional locksmith who will be able to extract the key from the lock and also ensure that the lock or the door does not suffer from any damage in the process.

If you are looking for high quality broken key extraction service in  area, Morningside Heights Locksmith Store is the best service provider you can turn to for help. We offer 24/7/365 help.

Car key extraction

Morningside Heights Locksmith Store Morningside Heights, NY 212-918-5460Finding that your car keys have broken off in the lock can be extremely distressing, more so when it happens in the midst of a hectic schedule. At such times, it is easy to fall into despair. However, it can help to call an expert locksmith at the earliest to help resolve the concern. You need someone who will not only extract the key, but will also make you a new one to help you gain access to your vehicle. Our experts can do both quickly and enable you to be on your way within minutes.

Residential and Commercial key extraction

There are some unskilled technicians who do not know how to carry out broken key extraction . When summoned, they just drill the lock to open it and then replace the old lock with a new one. This will not only cost you more, but there is also a chance of the door suffering damage. Our experts will work to ensure that neither the door nor the lock is damaged at the time of extracting the key.

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